Father in heaven,

Grant our brother's and sister's comfort in their suffering.
When they are afraid, give them courage,
When afflicted, give them patience,
When dejected, afford them hope,
And when alone, assure them of the support of your holy people.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Decan John Carran

Mary Sackin

Bonnie Isabella

Kathy Penwell

Milan Stambul

Richard Byers

Michael Sackin

Ann Exposito

Rose Micco

Gadelmeyer family

Louise Bryan

Cheryl Miller

Marshall Sackin

Katie Exposito

Kathy Stokes

Jennie Fusco

Pat & Ed Ammeen

Shirleyu Roseck

Delores Marcantino

John Pezzone

Marie Lucarelli

Mathew Pezzone

Donald Luther

Josephine Commisso

Dom Greco

Ursie Fellner

Thelma Gregg

Joan Wyza

Nicholas Altman

Patty Tropea

Frank Karolivic

Mary Ann & Josie Greco

Valerie Villiani

Special Prayer Request for Alex Brown
12 year-old grandson of Jay & Janet Roach



Theresa Gregg & Jenny Gadzia, Golden Hill, New Castle

Theresa McCree, Masternick Asst. Living; New Middletown OH

Helen Sackin & Margaret Kelty, Avalon N.H., New Castle

Agnes Searfoss & Olga Pisciuneri, The Haven, New Castle

Robert Pacillo, Jameson Care Center; New Castle

If you have a family member you would like to have added to our prayer list,
please call the office.